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About Us

First Gastronomy Center in Bodrum. Founded 2014.
Located in Konacik, Close to City center of Bodrum.
Culinary school for amateurs and professionals where you can learn and enjoy gastronomic tastes.

Chef and Owner

Pelin Dumanlı

Pelin Dumanlı studied Gastronomy and Culinary Arts at Yeditepe University. After she graduate, she went to Bilgi University for her master degree at Cultural Studies department. Her thesis subject OFFAL is published as a book in September 2015 under the name SAKATAT .
She worked in various fields in gastronomy sector. Such as Four Seasons Hotel at the Bosphorus, Otto Restaurants, Refika’nın Mutfağı Tv Programme… She also provides consulting services for new restaurants, gastronomy projects and brands such as Migros.

She lives in both Bodrum and İstanbul. Her articles about gastronomy are publishing in various books, magazines and newspapers.

What WE DO

Private Dining

A pop-up restaurant for private diners up to 12 people.
All you need is telling about your favourite tastes and ingredients, then we are bring those in to your plates in our style.


You Chose “Corporate or Private” & “Casual or Formal”
Then we listen to:     What you WANT
We treat each of your enquiries as UNIQUE. We will create a unique Proposal, made up to your request.

Cooking Workshops

Come and Join our hands-on cooking classes in Bodrum. Discover the secrets of our traditional cuisine from our gastronomy educated chef
If you want, we can start with a walking tour around the farmer’s market. Our chef will give you plenty of tips on picking local, seasonal products. Back at the atelier, you’ll continue your cooking experience and you’ll end your day adventure enjoying the food you have prepared in a friendly and casual atmosphere!

Gastronomy Tours around Bodrum

You dream, we plan!
Up to 8 people, we organise daily foodie tours for you! From cheese making, to wine tasting! All you can do is contact us via e-mail or phone.

FoodShop – Gastronomical toys for foodies

In our small foodshop you can find
• Woodrum’s wood art
• Refikadan’s enamels
• Local ceramics



Atatürk Bulvarı, Konacık Çarşısı P:16-20
Bodrum, Muğla


+90 252 317 1589
+90 533 370 3824

We are located in Konacık Region Bodrum, walking distance to Avenue Bodrum shopping mall

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